Q & A

Find the answers to all your pre-sale questions below.

  • What is Sharpbettor.com?

    Sharpbettor.com is a unique type of service. Unlike other sports handicapping services, we don't do any game picking, game analysis, trends, weather games, zodiac games, psychic games, dart boards or whatever they use to pick their sides. We monitor the biggest sports books in the world and bring to you the plays that the WINNING sharp bettors are playing.

  • How is Sharpbettor different than other sports services

    We are not a handicapping service. We don't give you our opinions, we don't give you Trends, we don't give you analysis. We bring you the hard facts, where the winning Sharp Bettors money is being bet.

  • Where to you get the plays

    We know who the winning sharp bettors are and where they bet. We monitor those books for those wagers and when are experts detect one, we bring it to you.

  • How can you afford to sell such big plays for just $3/day?

    Good question. And the answer is simple, we operate on volume. We found that $3/day was the perfect set point for everyone from the small bettor to the whales. And since we didn't want to make levels of service like other sports services do, we decided that $3/day for ALL the plays was the perfect price.

  • Do you provide analysis on the games?

    No. We are not a handicapping service. We don't use trends or find angles in games or matchups. We only bring you the information that we track and that's what the Sharp bettors, the WINNING Sharp Bettors are playing. We cut to the chase and just give you the plays.

  • Is this recurrent billing?

    Yes. We didn't want you to go through the checkout process everyday. We want you to concentrate on winning. But don't worry. Cancelling is easy to do through your own My Account Page. But we are confident that once you choose Sharpbettor.com, you will be more than happy with the results.

  • Do you have any specials?

    We do. You can pay by the day, billed $3 a day automatically or you can purchase 30 days in advance and save 33%. That brings your cost to just $2/day or $60 a month. Also, be sure to follow us on twitter @SharpBettor78 We will be running specials on our twitter account all during the seasons.

  • Why would we provide our service for just $3/day if we are not going to sell your name?

    BECAUSE WE CAN AFFORD TO. We make a lot of money FOLLOWING THESE BIG GUYS. we've also figured out how to filter out the false leads the sharps send out. DONT KNOW WHAT A FALSE LEAD IS?


    If a BIG BOY wants to move, say $300k on a game at minus 4, but the line is minus-5, he or she will send out money to take the dog plus the 5-points - at what we call SOFT Books. This creates the illusion of a move on the dog. The BIG BOY will invest say $50k doing this diversion. In the end, the line will drop and the other books will follow that line move. Then, here comes Mr BIG BOY with say $400k on the favorite at the number he/she wanted in the first place, minus-4. In the end, Mr BIG will have invested $50k at plus 5 or 4.5 and $400k at minus 4. This is a False lead.

  • How many games will I receive per day?

    That really depends on how many sports are currently going on at the time and if the money is being bet. This could be anywhere from 0 to 8 plays a day in ALL SPORTS.

  • What if I only want the NFL and not all the other sports?

    We give you ALL the plays in ALL SPORTS. If you only want one particular sport then just subscribe during that sport season. However, you are investing in sports betting and this is no different then investing in the stock market. While you might enjoy watching what you bet on, the goal is to make money and that means investing in all the sports we give you. You might even find a new sport you enjoy watching.